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brochure pasta for ALLThe first edition of this brochure, entitled Pasta for All -- for Health, for Taste and for Convenience, was unveiled at the 2007 World Pasta Day celebration, held in Mexico City, on 25 October 2007 and made available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

During the 4th World Pasta Congress in Rio, on October 2010, IPO and Oldways organized a conference with scientist from 13 countries. The result was a new Scientific Consensus Statement, the first since 2004.

The scientific consensus statement is now outlined in a new consumer-friendly “Pasta for All” brochure, presented at the World Pasta Day 2011 event in Rome. This new brochure summarizes the scientific evidence supporting the health and economic benefits of pasta along with pasta recipes from around the world. In addition, the brochure presents the IPO and World Pasta Day.

It explains the consistent accumulation of nutrition science evidence for the healthfulness of pasta and the pasta meal.  These recent findings make clear that not only is the pasta itself a health-promoting and nutritious food, but that when it is paired with its “partners” on the plate or in a bowl - olive oil, vegetables, beans, cheese,fish, or meat - pasta quite dramatically emerges as a nutritionist’s dream.
It is also an overview of pasta’s popularity in most corners of the world.  Pasta has become a truly international dish, and the growing body of scientific evidence for its healthfulness is very good news for people who want to eat for health, for taste and for convenience.

Pasta for All is intended for use by consumers all over the world.

Pasta for All -- for Health, for Taste and for Convenience  is now available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French for download  in PDF format.

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The new brochure will be translated in 2013 into more languages .  Until then, the earlier 2007 edition in Portuguese is also available click here



  • Form (template) letter to send to grocery stores, to ask if there would be interested in distributing the brochure.
  • Form (template) letter to dietitians and physicians, to ask if each would be interested in distributing the brochure.
  • Form (template) media release to gain publicity about the brochure’s availability.
  • Detailed memo of suggestions/instructions for member associations.

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This brochure has been
prepared and coordinated by Oldways
for the International Pasta Organization.


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