The Truth About Pasta Toolkit



To combat the rise of unhealthy fad diets creating misperceptions about carbohydrates, the International Pasta Organisation (IPO) has launched a new communications program, “The Truth About Pasta.” 

Designed to connect with consumers as well as key opinion leaders, the program reinforces that pasta fits into a healthy lifestyle.

The IPO outreach program reinforces five good reasons consumers can continue to enjoy pasta as a delicious part of a healthy eating plan to help manage weight and prevent disease:

  1. Pasta is good for you and the planet

  2. Pasta is the pillar of the Mediterranean Diet

  3. Pasta is energy that keeps you fuller for longer

  4. Pasta does not make you fat

  5. Pasta is tasty and brings people together

    The Truth About Pasta Toolkit offers many resources to help:

5 Good Reasons To Love Pasta 

Pasta Health Summary

Pasta is Good for the Earth – A Sustainable Food

8 Pasta Questions Answered


Recipes/tips/health information by a prominent Registered Dietitian

The Healthy Pasta Meal Scientific Consensus Statement 2015

Webinar “Pasta: A Unique Grain Food


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