Pasta Meals on Every Family Table
Science, Health and Pleasure
On Monday, October 26, 2009 leaders of the international pasta industry met in New York to convene the Annual General Assembly of the International Pasta Organization and to celebrate World Pasta Day.
World Pasta Day is an important annual event at which the most recent scientific and dietary information relevant to the pasta industry is presented and discussed. Trends and forecasts for world durum wheat markets where explored, and the latest developments in pasta production and marketing were reviewed.
Most importantly, World Pasta Day was an opportunity for the international pasta community to present pasta as a nutritious, economical and enjoyable food for people of all ages around the world.
World Pasta Day 2009 in New York, an international media center, was a unique opportunity for the international pasta community to communicate its message, raise awareness of the benefits of pasta, and in turn, drive pasta consumption.
Follow the link below to view the full programme and download all the WPD 2009 presentations:


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