This Thursday, Oct 25, celebrate the 10th Annual World Pasta Day -a day commemorating the delicious and nutritious role pasta and the Mediterranean Diet play in a healthy lifestyle. Oldways, the Harvard School of Public Health and the World Health Organization introduced the Mediterranean Diet in 1993. Scientific literature concludes that traditional diets like the Mediterranean and Latin American diets are the 'gold standard' of healthy eating patterns, and pasta, with its partners on the plate and in the bowl, is a perfect meal for all. Read more about the history of the Mediterranean Diet here.

To commemorate the tenth celebration of World Pasta Day, Oldways is co-organizing, with International Pasta Organisation and Amexigapa, a half-day Scientific Colloquium - PASTA FOR ALL: for health, for taste, for convenience, in Mexico City on Thursday, Oct. 25. This conference will update the nutrition science on pasta's place in a healthy Mediterranean diet, discuss how to translate this science into consumer messages, and introduce a new consumer brochure PASTA FOR ALL. This brochure will be available online through Oldways and through the International Pasta Organization ( To read the full press release on the event, click here.

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