Mad about pasta: here are the most popular recipes in the world

From lasagna bolognese to spaghetti with clams, here are the most popular recipes in the world according to the Tasteatlas portal

The survey -Italian cuisine is appreciated all over the world: pizza, spaghetti with tomato sauce, carbonara are the most iconic foods of italian culinary tradition. But what are the most popular pasta recipes in the world?

This is revealed by the Tasteatlasportal which, through a survey, has collected the 100 most popular and appreciated foods in the world: in the list there are 13 pasta recipes that have become part of the top 100 of the most beloved dishes on the planet.

Passion about pasta -After all, how can you resist a delicious lasagna bolognese or a steaming dish of spaghetti with clams? In the ranking we also find the famouscarbonara, whose variants are very popular all over Italy and in the rest of the world and tortellini in brodo: comfort food on cold winter evenings.

Obviously you can't miss the bucatini amatriciana, trenette with pesto and spaghetti with garlic and oil, a must for a last-minute dinner or for a midnight dinner with friends.

Enjoy pasta!

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