The Statutes regulate the organization and functioning of IPO, its mission and activities to keep pasta category top of mind.


The national trade Associations of pasta products manufacturers have formed for an unlimited period, a non profit Association named “International Pasta Organization” (I.P.O.).

The head office of the IPO shall be fixed at the head office of the Secretary General.

The International Pasta Organisation (IPO) is a non-profit Association dedicated to increase pasta consumption and awareness, by advancing the public’s understanding of the nutritional value and health benefits of pasta, and to promote the common business interests of its members, safeguarding the image of pasta products at the international level.

In pursuit of its Mission the IPO aims, amongst other, to:

  • Co-ordinate the communication activity at the international level in favour of the product and at its safeguard.
  • Develop common strategies in liaison with its members in order to promote pasta consumption around the world.
  • Realize world-wide PR, nutrition information, education, research and promotional programs (i.e. World pasta day).
  • Set up a multidisciplinary panel of internationally recognized experts in pasta production, nutrition, healthcare and physical activity to be involved as needed (media inquiries, publications, research, conferences, meetings, workshops, etc., crisis management).
  • Manage positive and negative press coverage.
  • Collect and disseminate information concerning promotional activities carried out in favour of pasta in the different countries, nutritional issues, statistical and any other information deemed useful for the members, so that they can benefit from the added value given by membership of the IPO.
  • Encourage international relations and interchange among its members;

Promote the IPO worldwide, with a view to be recognized as an expert body, able to advise its members, consumers, health professionals and institutions on various matters relating to pasta production and consumption and become a driving force in the further development of the world pasta market.


All national trade organizations representative of pasta products or individual pasta manufacturers where a national pasta Association does not exist or does not apply for membership, can apply for membership as Active Members.

Wheat growers, millers, equipment manufacturers, packaging, ingredients and raw materials suppliers and service providers and their trade organisations and other pasta-related organizations or private companies, with the exception of national trade organizations representative of pasta products, can apply for membership as Supporting Members.

Requests for membership of the I.P.O. shall be examined by the Board, which can declare affiliation or send the file for decision by the General Assembly.

Membership of the I.P.O. shall be lost, either by resignation, given for the end of a calendar year with a minimum notice of six months, in a registered letter sent to the General Secretariat, or by a decision of the Board to be ratified by General Assembly for non-observance of the statutory obligations.

In case of resignations or lost of membership, Members will be obliged to pay the membership fee for one more calendar year.

The Members shall have the duty to:

  1. comply with the Statutes’ provisions and with the regularly adopted IPO’s bodies resolutions;
  2. actively participate in the Organisation’s life;
  3. provide the IPO, by the required means and timing, with news, information and general data related to promotional activities carried out, nutritional issues, market and statistical data and any other information/documentation deemed useful for the achievement of IPO’s mission and objectives.



  1. The General Assembly shall be the deliberating body of the I.P.O. It alone can make an amendment to the Statute or pronounce the dissolution of the P.O. It shall pronounce on the Budget and shall receive the accounts annually from the Secretary General.
  2. It shall meet at least once a year on the date adopted by the Board or by the General Assembly.
  3. The notice convening the meetings accompanied by the agenda must be sent out so that they reach those concerned at least 10 days before the date of the meeting.
  4. The General Assembly shall itself decide at each of its meetings where the next meeting will be held.
  5. The General Assembly shall strive to reach consensus whenever possible. However, if a consensus cannot be reached, the issue shall be decided by a vote.
  6. Each Active Member shall have right to one vote and may have additional votes if he presents one or more mandates from other delegates to represent them at a particular meeting.
  7. In case of issues subject to voting, decisions will be taken with a simple majority vote of those voting members represented at the meeting. Exceptions to this are decisions concerning the dissolution of the I.P.O. to be taken by at least a 2/3rd majority vote of all voting members.
  8. The General Assembly shall ratify the election of the President and of the Honorary President, appointed by the Board, and confirm the representatives of the Board proposed by the Active Members.


  1. Active Members shall be represented in the Board by one delegate each. Board members are in office for an unlimited period.
  2. A member of the Board who is unable to attend a meeting can be replaced or represented by a deputy of his choice.
  3. The Board is responsible for preparing and carrying out the decisions of the General Assembly. It shall meet as often as necessary on the initiative of the President, also taking into account the requests of its members.
  4. The Board will devise effective ways of involving members in the work of the I.P.O. setting up Task Forces and Committees as are needed to carry forward the activity of the I.P.O.
  5. The Board appoints the President, the Honorary President and the Secretary-General in order to pursue the mission and the aims of the IPO.
  6. The Honorary President, the President, and the Secretary-General are ex officio members of the Board.


  1. The President shall be nominated by the Board and his election will be ratified by the General Assembly. If a member of the Board is elected to be President he may be replaced in the Board by another delegate appointed by the respective Organisation.
  2. The appointment of the President is for a two year term. He may be elected for two consecutive two-year periods.
  3. The President or, in his absence, the Secretary General, shall chair the meetings of the General Assembly and the Board.
  4. The President supervises the activities and general administration of IPO, according to the guidelines approved by the Board and General Assembly.
  5. The President is the legal representative of the IPO.


  1. The Honorary President, chosen from among those who have
    distinguished themselves in the running of the Association, is appointed by the Board and his election is ratified by the General Assembly.


  1. The Secretary General is responsible for managerial and administrative matters relating to I.P.O. activity.
  2. He shall work responding to day-to-day demands while bringing relevant issues, as appropriate and in agreement with the Chairman, to the attention of the Board and then to the General Assembly for endorsement.
  3. If the Secretary General must make an urgent decision which affects the major interests of the organisation and which cannot await a Board meeting, the Chairman shall be consulted.
  4. The appointment of the Secretary General is for a four year term with the possibility of re-election.



  1. A membership fee shall be paid at the beginning of the financial year by each Member to the General Secretariat. The financial year shall commence on 1st January and end on 31st December.
  2. The Secretariat General, in agreement with the Board, shall present the IPO budget once a year to the General Assembly. The financing of projects and any extraordinary expenditure shall be approved by the General Assembly that will also decide how those expenses will have to be funded and shared by the Members.
  3. The total amount of the membership fees shall be fixed each year by the General Assembly based on the estimated expenditure.
    1. Active Members will pay:
      a minimum basic subscription, identical for each Active Member, the amount being fixed each year by the General Assembly; and may also be required to contribute in part to the funding of the activities approved by the Assembly with a variable contribution the amount being fixed each year by the General Assembly, and calculated partly taking into account the member’s share on estimated world annual pasta production.
    2. Supporting Members are set to the minimum basic subscription, the amount being fixed each year by the General Assembly.
  4. Travelling and accommodation expenses of delegates to the General Assembly and Board members shall be paid by the Organizations which they represent.
  5. The President, the Secretary General and the members of the Board shall give their services free.
  6. The Bureau and the General Assembly can decide to reimburse some travelling and accommodation expenses of the President and of the Secretary General and fix the conditions for this.