5 good reasons to eat pasta

5 good reasons to eat pasta

It does not make you fat, if eaten in the evening it helps night relaxation and is good for the intestine. That’s 5 good reasons to eat pasta

Pasta is goof for relaxing – Eating pasta not only does not make you fat but offers our body considerable health benefits, for example, if eaten in the evening it helps night relaxation. Pasta is rich in tryptophan and vitamin B which are good for the relaxation of mind and body, pasta is an excellent ally in the evening, especially if we are stressed, if we suffer from insomnia.

Pasta is good for your bowel – Consuming pasta is also good for the bowel, but watch out for cooking! The pasta should always be cooked “al dente”, because the starch is retained in the protein network of gluten and then it is assimilated more slowly, avoiding abdominal bloating.

Pasta is good for your mood – The consumption of cereals improves your intestinal wellness with positive results on your state of mind. Moreover, in women, carbohydrates help to regulate swelling and mood swings related to premenstrual syndrome.

Slow release energy – Pasta is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, which provide slow release energy as well as being a valuable source of glucose, the fundamental fuel for the brain and muscles. Unlike simple sugars that offer fast-release energy, the energy provided by a plate of spaghetti is released gradually and lasts longer, ensuring a greater sense of satiety.

It is good for the heart – Consuming 80 grams of whole grains a day, such as pasta or bread, reduces the risk of heart attack by 21%.