Mediterranean pasta dishes and where to find them: 130 recipes to be discovered and tasted from october 18th to 25th

Mediterranean pasta dishes and where to find them: 130 recipes to be discovered and tasted from october 18th to 25th

A journey in Mediterranean taste and well-being that crosses 3 continents and 130 restaurants with one thing in common: pasta. On World Pasta Day (25th of October), “Al Dente, The Italian way of pasta” ( will be back with a present for pasta lovers: a food journey crossing Italy, Europe, New York, Washington, Dubai, Doha, Bali, Buenos Aires, Ibiza and Paris.

130 restaurants are participating in the festival by adding their idea of the #MediterraneanDietOfLife movement to their menus, during the week from October 18th to 25th: a pasta dish inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, like simplicity, conviviality, health and ethics of consumption.

Greats like Alajmo, Francesco Apreda, Heinz Beck, Cerea brothers, Iside De Cesare, Gaia Giordano, Sandro and Maurizio Serva and many other chefs and restaurateurs accepted the “challenge” launched by Unione Italiana Food.

Judging by the recipes they proposed, those professionals see tomorrow’s Mediterranean pasta as inseparable from yesterday’s, because of the many references to tradition and simplicity and the auteur touch that makes these recipes even more intriguing. A curiosity: spaghetti is the first in the rank of the favorite chefs’ shapes, followed by paccheri.

Let’s have a taste of the most interesting recipes (for the whole list of the participating restaurants and of the recipes please go to “Al Dente” website (

In Rome, Heinz Beck’s restaurant, La Pergola, is proposing “Spaghetti with prawns, lime and zucchini flowers on scapece sauce”. While in Santa Margherita di Pula, in Cagliari, the three times Michelin-starred chef is proposing a tribute to the traditional “Cacio & Pepe” with deep-water rose shrimps marinated in lime. In Milan, Gaia Giordano (Spazio Niko Romito) is proposing a recipe inspired by the simplicity of Mediterranean tastes: linguini, homemade tuna in oil, tomatoes and oregano. The Cerea brothers think that #MediterraneanDietOfLife means “Spaghetti with Pigna beans, red mullet and its emulsion”. While in Viterbo, Iside De Cesare is proposing the “Spelt Pici with duck ragu and crumbs”.

World Pasta week can of course be celebrated abroad too: in Dubai, Heinz Beck is proposing “Spaghetti with roasted tomato sauce, cauliflower cream, basil nuggets and crunchy chili pepper bread” while at its restaurant “Gusto” in Almacil (Portugal), #MediterraneanDietOfLife means “Spaghetti with fish extract, peppers and zucchini”. In Bali (Indonesia) tradition is at the center: chef Massimo Sacco’s Mediterranean dish is an evergreen: “Linguini with clams”. While in Doha (Qatar), Pino Lavarra is presenting “Rolled Reginette with chickpea broth, beans, red shrimps and marjoram”.

From Asia to the Americas, in Buenos Aires, where the restaurant Cucina Paradiso by chef Donato De Santis is proposing for one week its “Paccheri with celery, shrimps and black pudding”. While in Martinez, at Ike Milano restaurant by Alberto Giordano, the winning dish is “Paccheri with Genovese lamb ragu and Cacio e Pepe reduction”. In Washington, Fabio Trabocchi is proposing a new interpretation of Carbonara that meets the American breakfast tradition: “Carbonara with bacon, escarole and fried egg”.